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This program does several things.
First, you will need to setup your ships.xml and planets.xml file. See the current file for an example, but you may also
use the Data->Edit Ships\Planets menu option to edit this. Your ships.xml file must contain at least 1 ship, or the
program will not start correctly, as you need to choose the ship upon entering the program.

1) It gives you the averages for planet cargo routes. This is accessed by the Planet Pairs menu option. Use multi-select
(ctrl-select and shift-select) to select a set of planets you wish to see compared. It will tell you what the average
cargo and passenger profit at each planet for each other planet is.
It uses 3.5 as the average roll for a D6, rounds down when necessary to arrive at a final value,
assumes a 50% cargo viability over freight. That means that if there is 50 tons of merchandise available at a port,
25 tons of it will be worth speculating on, and will be included in the calculations, while 25 tons will be dropped
as inconsequential. This is to give a lowball estimate rather than assuming too much.

2) It will also generate the passenger list for 2 planets, assign a gambling skill, sex, reason for trip,
and calculate how much cash your ship got while they were on board. Access this through the Generate Passenger List
menu item under Actions.
Files involved:
The reasons file assigns a 90% chance of the first 3 reasons being chosen. Otherwise, one of the other reasons is chosen.
The Likes and Dislikes file are used to calculate up to 5 likes and dislikes, with uniqueness per list, meaning that
a like cannot have a corresponding dislike that also appears.
Alll files in the names list are a space or newline seperated list of names that will be used to generate passengers.
The special_names.txt is a tab seperated file that lists:
a) a comma seperated list of planets this passenger is valid on. A * means any planet.
b) a H,M,L for high medium or low passsage.
c) The rest of the fields. If there is a $ in the row, it will be filled in with a single random digit.
  • H F Iphegenia Alkhalikoi** Spent: $$$$$$ Gambling Skill: 1 Reason: Business Likes:Imperial Politics,Exploration,Gambling,Sciences,Carousing Dislikes: Psionics,Zhodani,Insincerity Comments: Grand Princess of the Imperium

Will generate:
A high passenger that is valid on any planet that spends 6 random digits (0 - 999999) on your ship. The rest of the line is hard coded, allowing you to add any extra fields you like

These special passengers have a 1% chance of trying to be created, although this could fail if you don't have a valid
special passenger available for that planet and passage type.

3) It will generate the cargo available for a particular run. It uses the names in Data\Freight\Freight_Names.xml to
help differentiate some of the generic names. Just place a category with the name from the tables in step 10 and then
fill in some other names that you wish to see in place some times. Each name has a 2% chance of appearing.

The data in the special shipments file will be displayed if the source matches the source planet. You may edit this with
Data->Edit Special Shipments XML in the program.

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